Accidental Pornography!

Accidental Pornography!

While shooting a movie or a still photo, it is very important where we place the camera…

 Lathika, 26-year-old student, beautiful and attractive, hanging out with friends in a beach on a Saturday morning, busy taking selfies, groupfies, very candid shots and what not!... she wanted to share everything live, immediately to all other friends around the globe, now!…. She does that in a click, in milliseconds, thanks to Facebook and Instagram.

It was in the evening that she noticed that she was getting lots of likes/dislikes and unpleasant comments for her photos and noticed that there were few photos of her and friends which was exposing some of their private parts and in poses which unfortunately could be interpreted in a bad compromising angles or poses.  She became anxious as those photos were now seen by thousands of her friends, and friends of friends and don’t know who all might have downloaded, shared and forwarded those photos through mail.  It has gone out of control for Lathika and for her friends; forget all, even Facebook or Instagram don’t have any control.  It is now, undeniably impossible to erase these unpleasant photos from the Internet.  Lathika’s life and a peaceful future is at stake!!


Welcome to the fast, uncontrolled, digitized world.  Click of a button and that Private photo goes Public, and dead scaring - IRREVERSIBLE….!!


Story was a fiction, but a story to be read and understood by all those young girls and boys to make sure that they never be in Lathika’s role.  We urge to showcase all the good things that we do and the happiness that we have to the external world, but forget how vulnerable we become when our life is being exposed, and threat that pose due to that speedy decision that we take without thinking about the after effects.  We always wanted to show our best and positive side, true, but that doesn’t always happen and we get into the trap of digital rat-race, a suffocating  experience, now being experienced by many of us.  Alas! a situation that can’t resist us to go offline or stop checking the Facebook, Watts up, twitters, Instagrams..etc.

 Stop - Think – Are we in Control or Are we Controlled….??