Digital Assistants providing news updates

Digital Assistants providing news updates

Let’s get things straight, Digital or virtual assistant is an application that can apprehend voice commands and complete the task for the user. And they are available on most of the smartphones, tablets, computers and even standalone devices like Amazon Echo, Google Home.Other popular virtual assistants are Alexa, Siri, Bixby and Google Assistant

According to latest report, Tech platforms are all set to deliver news for the allied audience. Yes!!! Now you can get access to news updates through your digital assistants. Huge tech companies like Apple, Amazon and Google are known as gatekeepers of news summaries and flashes, now with the association of virtual assistants with its smart speakers opens up a brand new channel.

Thus through this channel, people get instant news flashes and summaries and to know more all they have to do is ‘ask’. News organisations like BBC, World Post and National Radio developed skills to integrate with digital assistants that enable customers to listen to news updates and reports.

Smart speakers are ridiculously potential territory for news organisations, as per the Adobe Analytic survey 34 percent of U.S households use smart speakers and that too in a daily basis.

This is a possible way to reach more audience indeed, but there are a lot of standards to be fixed as this is just a development stage, there are so many questions left unanswered. Credibility of the news given are arising concerns of such, even though firm states that, contents are filtered through…still there’s lot of queries to solve. Meanwhile let’s hope this update will be available soon…