Android P – Sweetest update till date!

Android P –  Sweetest update till date!

Google has released Android P developer preview on March 2018 and is expected to launch final version by August 2018. Currently the developer’s version released only supports Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL.Now we do have a slight idea about what to expect from this new Android 9.0 version.

Android P offers many redesigned features and here’s few;

  • Notification updates; it offers to hide notification from apps you frequently dismiss or ignore, there is a proactive button involved which gives you with an option while taping it, you can press on ‘keep showing’ or either ‘stop showing’.
  • We often get irritated when status bar is overcrowded with icons, Wi-Fi, LTE .Well Android p is a saviour, here Bluetooth icon gets disappeared when disconnected.
  •  Mark-up editor, now you can draw and crop the screenshots you have captured; earlier android versions lacked this functionality
  • New volume slider which has options for ring, vibrate and mute.
  • The version also supports phones with notch design which was introduced by iPhone X.
  • The new OS also prohibits certain features for idle apps, apps will no longer has access to mic, cameras or sensors.

Android P consumer preview is expected to be released by mid-May, 2018 followed by some public beta versions. Even though Android 9.0 final version will be released by August 2018, it won’t be immediately available to all Android devices. Clearly we know that it will be first available only on Google Pixel phones and later will roll out to other devices.

Well Google will release other test versions before launching the final user version, all this features are likely to change or even eliminated. With all the previews and rumours still going on, there’s a question still remaining; what will Android 9.0 be called? The name won’t be published anytime soon but that does give us time to play guessing games till the release.