Say Yes to Responsive Website!

Say Yes to Responsive Website!

For any business or organisation, a website makes you visible in this digital era. In this smart phone era, to reach your potential customer’s you need to adopt responsive web designs.

What is a responsive web page and design? A web page that looks good on any device, it is as simple as that. Here the web design is built on fluid grid and uses media queries which controls the design and content scale down or up with the browser or device.

Responsive web design provides your web visitor’s a better experience, your site will be optimised according to the size of any screen it is being viewed on. It is unlike regular web designs which has fixed layout that is; if it is viewed in a mobile phone the contents are squeezed within the size of the screen by making it unpresentable. Responsive web design (RWD) changes its layouts without disturbing the content in proportion of user’s view port.

In past, web designs varied according to platforms it was shown. But now, one responsive website is all you need for all devices. Other than running two versions of one website here you need to maintain your responsive website which results in low maintenance cost.

Responsive web design benefits your SEO rankings, which is essential for site visibility. Google boosts mobile friendly sites and penalizes non- mobile friendly sites, so don’t get your site at stake.

It has other benefits too, faster webpages which improves online web browsing experience. Lesser bouncing rate, percentage of people came till web landing page and left without browsing further. By adapting responsive web design your site has optimised user experience for visitors, so that users might stick around more time.

What are you waiting for? Be responsible and choose responsive web design for your site!